The Vestry is the governing body of the Congregation adhering to the By-Laws and Constitution of the congregation and the Canon of the Diocese and the National Church. It’s duties are:

  • Casting and Affirming the Parish Vision
  • Establishing Policies
  • Approving the Budget
  • Maintaining Fiduciary Integrity
  • Advising and Listening to the Congregation
  • Delegating and Empowering
  • Encouraging and Motivating
  • Attending Worship
  • Exercising Spiritual Disciplines
  • And Engaging in Outreach Ministries

The Vestry consists of twelve members, a Senior Warden, a Junior Warden, Treasurer and Secretary.



  • Monthly meetings (includes leading devotions)
  • Major parish events including the Annual Meeting
  • Attend coffee hours to connect with parish members
  • Be a liaison to one of the three Vestry Commissions:  Administration/Finance; Ministries and Buildings and Grounds
  • Annual Retreat
  • Fall and Spring Regional Days

Dedicated to Spiritual Formation and Ministry to Others.

A Church Vestry and a Board Meeting

Most people are more familiar with how a board operates than a vestry.  Though some of the functions are similar, a vestry differs from a board of directors in several significant ways.  It strives to base its decision making process on Christian teaching, to recognize the dynamic of being part of a parish family and to take seriously each member’s calling to be a spiritual leader.

St. Timothy’s vestry attempts to live into its calling by setting meetings on Sundays.  A significant portion of our meeting involves Spiritual Formation and Visioning and Scripture reflection.  We focus on the way that God has been present to each member since the last meeting.  It is important that vestry members know and care about each other in a way that models our Baptismal Covenant  (BCP page 304).

Even the word “vestry” itself is a reminder of its unique role in the life of the church.  The vestry began as simply a room in an Anglican church where the clergy vest or put on vestments (the special clothes worn during the liturgy).  The church council also met in this place out of convenience.  Eventually the council took on the name of the room.  Just as by vesting for worship clergy take on a special role representing Christ and the greater church, so the vestry has a charge to faithfully care for the parish church as part of the body of Christ – alive and at work in our world today.

The Call to Serve

Being willing to serve on a vestry comes as a call from God.  In other words, it is something that we feel closer to God when we are doing.

Most people have heard about or had a variety of vestry experiences – from joyful to difficult and many places in between.  Currently, St. Timothy’s is blessed by a caring and healthy vestry, excited about the future of our congregation.  It is hoped that new members will share this enthusiasm, and carefully and prayerfully engage in their ministry.

Vestry Members

Becky Robins - Sr. Warden
Bill Munson
Carmelita Riojas
Danna Roberts
Jim Brunner
Richard Moore
Marty Schippers
Lorenza Sanchez
Juan Tellez
Justin Mallonee - Jr. Warden