Prayer Breakfast

Attended a prayer breakfast organized by Transform Yakima, a group of churches in the Yakima Valley, this morning.

They’re involved in fantastic things … check them out!


Hello and Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

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On a note of Resurrection and new beginnings, following are an Easter address from our Bishop, the Right Reverend James E. Waggoner, Jr., and our Presiding Bishop, the Most Reverend Michael J. Curry.

Alleluia, the Lord is Risen!
Wishing you all God’s Peace,
Pastor Anne

Rising Up and Coming Out

Dear Friends in Christ,

As we celebrate with joy Jesus being raised from the dead, may we do so aware that what first happened after the resurrection was that Jesus “came out” of the tomb.

It was the coming out as the Resurrected Christ, that changed the world for ever. The truth of resurrection could not remain in the tomb, because the reality of resurrection says “come out” – and do so now, in this life, and in this world.

Jesus reveals the truth and the promise that resurrection is real for him and for us.

Through his own death and resurrection, he assures us beyond our understanding that we cannot fall so far, fail so badly, die so dead that we cannot be raised up to new life. Resurrection invites us to abundant life here and now.

The promise of being raised to new life by God, not ourselves, invites us to live fully, to come out as who we are to live boldly and faithfully, freed up from hiding out. I recall the book of some years ago titled, “If you really knew me, would you still like me?” We can too easily opt for the safety of hiding out, while the good news of Easter tugs at us to live out more fully the uniquely gifted life we have been given.

When Jesus approached the tomb where his dear friend Lazarus was buried, he said three words, “Lazarus, come out!” – Lazarus did, now unbound and ready to live.

May those words and that invitation ring true for us, that we may more and more come into ourselves as we live into the promise of resurrection here and now.

Faithfully yours,
Right Reverend James E. Waggoner, Jr.

Easter 2016 message from Presiding Bishop Michael Curry

“This is not a fairy tale.”

“This world does not need another fairy tale,” Episcopal Church Presiding Bishop and Primate Michael Curry said in his Easter 2016 Message. “This week’s story of crucifixion and resurrection is not a fairy tale.”

The video is available here

I actually love fairy tales and I used to enjoy reading them to our children when they were young and little. Now to be sure those were the more sanitized fairy tales but there was something good about them, a way of confronting what was tough in life with genuine hope. But they were fairy tales.

Read the entire message on the web:
Easter 2016 message from Presiding Bishop Michael Curry

Mensaje del obispo primado Michael Curry en la Pascua de 2016