Holy Baptism

Baptismal FontOur Membership in the Body of Christ and in the Kingdom of God

“Sustain them, O Lord, in your Holy Spirit.  Give them an inquiring and discerning heart, the courage to will and to persevere, a spirit to know and to love you, and the gift of joy and wonder in all your works.  Amen.”  – Book of Common Prayer page 308

Holy Baptism is an affirmation that the future of humankind is rooted in God’s love.  At the end of the Gospel of Matthew Jesus tells his disciples to go out and baptize wherever they go, and promises that he will be with them – and all who seek a deeper relationship with God.

Holy Baptism is a time of joy and welcome into the community of faith.  It is also a re-birth and the beginning of life as a follower of Jesus.  It offers the opportunity to renew or deepen the spiritual journey for everyone involved.  This sacrament of the Church is a rite of passage that goes back to the early disciples and our Jewish heritage thousands of years before Christ.

If you or a member of your family would like to be baptized or to learn more about, contact Pastor Anne at the church office.  Holy Baptism requires preparation classes, usually two. One of them will include the god-parents.  God-parents are the people that you would choose to raise your children should something happen to you.

Baptisms are celebrated at the Sunday worship service  on the feast days of All Saints, The Baptism of Our Lord, the Easter Vigil or Easter and Pentecost.  We do not celebrate baptisms during the seasons of Advent and Lent.  We also do not celebrate private Baptisms because all the sacraments of our Lord are meant to be celebrated  in the midst of the community of faith.