Holy Matrimony

Holy MatrimonySt. Timothy’s offers our services for weddings to those who are active members of our parish and to their children and grandchildren, members of other Episcopal churches who for some reason require a different location, or anyone actively exploring St. Timothy’s as their parish home.

St. Timothy’s also permits the use of its building and sanctuary for weddings outside of the church.  There is a fee for building usage and a cost for the time incurred by parish committee members  in assisting with celebration details.

The Episcopal Church does allow for marriage of divorced persons.  However, if one or both of you has been married once before, the process requires consent of the Bishop after recommendation by the clergy.  Ninety days is needed between the time of your first meeting with the clergy and your wedding date, in order to do the work necessary to obtain the Bishop’s approval.

In the Episcopal Diocese of Spokane, the Bishop will not approve any third, fourth or more marriages, and so we are unable to offer the sacrament to you if either of you has been married and divorced for more than one once.  The church may bless a Civil Service after the period of one year.

For the Engaged Couple

Christian marriage is an important commitment to each other in the presence of God, your friends and family and the wider community of faith.  Christian marriage is both a sacrament of the church and a vocation for Christians.  Sacrament and vocation are of primary importance, so your cooperation is needed in making your wedding at the Church a holy and joyful worship service.

For more information, please contact Pastor Anne at the parish office.  The sacrament of Holy Matrimony involves guidance sessions with the Priest, and the content of these meetings is study of the sacrament of Holy Matrimony, service rehearsal and a preparation inventory related the elements of the marriage relationship.  There are various fees for use of the building and for the Organist, the Parish Hall and the Altar Guild.  We do not hold weddings during the seasons of Advent and Lent as these are penitential and solemn seasons of the year.

At the General Convention in 2015, the Episcopal Church formally approved the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony for same sex couples.  The rates for building usage and the requirements for pre-marital preparation are the same.  It is also a requirement to get the permission from our Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Spokane.